Bittersweet & Poetic…

A poem…

Woke up this morning, before dawn’s early light.
Took a glimpse in the mirror, blood turning to ice at the sight.
Thought to myself, a stranger has gone and taken my place.
Doesn’t seem real, a little too surreal.
Where is the girl I used to know?
Where did she go?
Where could she be?
Oh won’t you tell me, pretty please.
Where is she hiding?
What is she is running from?
Is she trying to fix what can never be undone?
Mirror mirror on my wall,
please tell me how we let things get this far.
Wasn’t supposed to be this way.
But it is what it is anyway.
That fork in the road, miles ago,
tell me which way was I supposed to go?
Realized too late, what I should have already known.
Oh, if only I had known.
Mirror mirror I feel so lost.
Why did love have to come at such a high cost?
Whatever you must do,
please don’t say the words.
The last thing I need to be told,
is “I told you so.”
Afterall, why bother to state what I already know?

Woke up this morning and looked in this mirror mine,
silently vowing “today, I won’t cry.”
I lied.
I’ve become an illusion of what was never meant to be.
Say hello to the new me.
Hollow eyes, cold and haunted.
Lipstick and smiles, they don’t mean a thing.
Just part of some mundane routine.
Why am I the only one that sees,
through these lying eyes of mine,
how dead I feel inside?

Mirror mirror, please tell me why.
Why I feel as though I’m living a lie.
I’m barely alive.
What happened to those elusive dreams of mine?
Were they too just lies?
Did they, like my heart, get left behind?
Or were they simply just swept away with the tide?
Mirror mine, tell me why.
Struggling for air, fighting to breathe.
Won’t somebody save me?
The current’s too strong,
in this ocean of tears.
Pulling me under, absolve all my fears.
I’m alone in this hell,
now and forever,
with no one to whom I can confide.
I feel so broken inside.
I refuse to believe that this is the end,
that this is how it was meant to be.
There must be some mistake.
There has to be.
I never asked for this.
I just wanted to be happy.
Mirror mirror, tell me please,
how could this happen.
One more question, if you please.
Why mirror mirror, why me??…


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