That Was Then. This Is Now. Don’t Know About You But I’ve Moved On…

A poem.

What is it you hope to prove?
That there’s no life after you?
Where does it end? When does it stop–
this hell you seem so bent on putting me through?
It is not enough that you played me for a fool?
Now you had to go and publicly humiliate me, too?
Tell me please, I’m begging you.
What is it you THINK you need to prove?
Better yet, tell me–what the HELL did I ever do to you?
For you to hate me as you do.
All I ever did was tell the truth.
And believe it or not, I did it FOR you.
Why do you feel the need to hurt me so?
Even for you,
that was low.
Even so. Why still?
I set you free.
Just like you asked.
What more do you want from me?
I let you go.
I walked away.
I closed that door.
I simply couldn’t take no more.
I learned to live without you near.
Given no choice.
No help from you.
Made a decision that nearly destroyed me.
God knows, I didn’t want to.
Was the “right” thing to do.
Nevertheless, I did it because I had to.
Hurts like hell, but I’m still here.
Though rest assured, there will be no more tears.
At least, none for you.
I’ve moved on.
I’m doing well.
Great, in fact.
Can’t you tell?
How about yourself?
I hear you’re still playing games,
A little birdie told me so.
Between me and you,
I hope it’s not true.
Guess you haven’t changed.
You’re exactly the same.
So sorry to hear that, I am.
Such a shame.
Thought you’d given up the lying game.
Thought wrong, apparently.
Anyways, put on the charm, lather it up.
Go ahead, reel another girl in,
into your world of vengeance and sin.
Small town, people talk.
If SHE hasn’t already, trust me,
she’ll find out.
And when she does, good luck.
One moment, if you please.
Makes me wonder, have to ask–does she even care?
Loving a man that she has to share?
There’s something seriously wrong with THAT right there.
Definitely some screws missing somewhere.
Don’t understand, can’t figure out–
The need to stray, the mind games some men play.
Tell a lie, tell the truth–
do what you THINK you need to do.
Go ahead, I won’t stand in your way.
Learned my lesson, thank you very much.
Hurt me, ruin me, wreck my life–
It’s okay.
It’s just pain.
It’s only temporary.
It’ll fade. Momentarily.
Bruises heal, they always do.
Knock me down, do your worst.
You wouldn’t be the first.
Been pushed around, left bleeding on the ground–
learned how to cry without making a sound.
Stronger than I look,
I guess.
Surprised? I didn’t break.
No, not this time.
No offense, I know you tried your best.
Even so, go prove your point–
I know you want to.
The cold look in your eyes THAT DAY told me all that I needed to know.
So while you’re doing so,
take care and heed some advice…
“before embarking on a journey of revenge,
first dig two graves.”
That Confucius–he got it right.
Knew just what to say.
As do I.
“Goodbye my love, take care.
Have yourself a nice life.”
As for me–
I’ll be okay.
Life gets better every day.
All the best for you and whats-her-name.
No sarcasm intended.
Just genuine sincerity.
Goodbye first love,
For the last time, from these lips of mine.


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