Time To Go…

A Poem…

I still think of him sometimes,
the one who made me cry.
The one with twinkling green eyes,
who seduced me with his pretty lies.
Such a fool was I.
To fall for all those practiced, well-rehearsed lines.
Again and again, he pulled me in.
Into that sinful world of his.
In my defense, I didn’t know.
At least, not then.
If I had, trust me,
I would have ran.
I swear I would have.
But I did not.
And so for that, one could say,
that I deserved every thing I got.
The price I pay for being so naive,
for believing him so easily.
I’m starting to think that
love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
The pain that it brings,
just doesn’t seem worth it,
at least, not to me.
Like so many things,
he and I, just weren’t meant to be.
For while I loved him so much,
he didn’t love me.
I guess it is how it is,
no one ever promised it’d be easy.
It takes time, but the hurt will fade eventually. Someday.
Or at least, that’s what they say.
Oh wouldn’t you know,
today is that day.
My broken heart is healing. Finally.
My life, once again, has meaning.
A purpose. A reason.
It’s time, once more,
that I start living.
Tired, am I,
from all this lying and deceiving.
I’m not the one to blame,
or the one that should feel ashamed.
After all, he’s the one who cheated,
And made me his dirty little secret.
Truth be told–
She’s who I pity, for being so forgiving.
To a man who wasn’t the least bit deserving.
She’s a fool if she thinks he won’t do it again.
Which he will, if for go other reason than because he’s a man.
Because he wants to. Just because he can.
Wreck a life, break a heart.
a master of deception,
he’s got the skills of lying down to an art.
Right from the very start.
He might just as well be,
an actor playing a part.
Gentle and loving and sweet he might be,
until he gets caught.
And then it all stops.
Then nothing is safe.
Nothing at all.
He’ll tear your whole world apart,
without remorse, without pause.
and that’s just to start.
He’ll make you wish you never met him at all,
and make your life a living hell.
No way to escape,
None at all.
And he won’t be satisfied,
until he takes it all.
Until you’ve fallen as far
As you could possibly fall.
Until you’ve lost it all.
Which just isn’t fair, not fair at all.
And it never will be.
Never ever again.
No, not at all.


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