Happy, No Thanks To You…

A Poem…

I saw you tonight.
There you were, standing there with her.
Memories came flooding back,
Unwanted ones at that.
Came in just like the ocean’s tide,
pulling me under, under to the dark side.
Too much, too fast–
truth be told, I wasn’t prepared for that.
Pictured that moment,
at least a million times.
Wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought–
thought for sure it would break my heart.
Ironically, it did not.
Even so, I stood frozen in that spot,
trying to decide whether to run away or not.
That state of confusion,
in which I resided for so long–
was finally gone.
Seeing you with her,
I couldn’t help but feel so ashamed.
For the wrong that I’d done,
the hurt that was caused,
and mistakes that were made.
For the role that I played,
I accept the blame.
Looking at you,
it was so bittersweet.
For I realized just then,
you weren’t the man I remembered you as.
A stranger’s face was all I could see.
Proving I didn’t know you, and you didn’t know me.
And that’s just the way it is,
and how it has to be.
Two years have come and gone.
I let go.
I moved on.
Time now for me to embrace the new me.
The girl that doesn’t need anyone
to feel complete.
Or happy.
You’re not the man I once loved and knew.
And I’m not the girl you played for a fool.
Not anymore, she’s gone too.
Because of that–
I do thank you.
For all is well, it’s for the best.
I lived. I learned.
I’m happy.
No thanks to you….


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