It’s A Big, Big World…

A Poem…

So out-of-place. So out of touch.
Where do I fit? Where do I belong?
My life’s just one long, sad song.
Can’t tell anymore what’s right and wrong.
It’s gone on for far too long.
Gotta break away,
Free myself from all these heavy chains.
Can’t keep waiting for someday.
All I have is today.
Gotta run away.
Say goodbye to all those yesterdays.
Sick of lying. Sick of crying.
God knows, I’m sick of trying.
Inside I’m slowly dying. So I’m giving up this fight,
Seems the only way to make this right–
Is to let the truth come to light.
And let the pieces fall where they might.
For even if I lose it all and fall—
I know that I’ll have given it my all.
Starting to realize, for a while now–
That sometimes living just isn’t worth the fight—
And no matter how hard you try,
or how many tears you cry.
It’ll never be alright.
It’ll never be okay.
You saw to that when you walked away,
and left me with these words:
The ones I never got to say.



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