Rhyme-Time Goodbyes…

(Said The Pot To The Kettle)
A Poem…

Tell me…what makes them think they have the right?
To criticize my mistakes?
To tell me how to live my life?
Tell me…who died and made them God?
It’s not their place,
and it’s definitely not their job–
To decide for ME what’s right or wrong.
Tell me…what made him think he had the right?
To break my heart and wreck my life?
When he damn well knew he had no right
Asking me to go with him that night.
The one regret I’ll carry with me the rest of my life.
If I’d just stayed home, I’d be alright.
I’d be okay.
I wouldn’t feel this lost,
Or be in this much pain.
Tell me…was it worth it?
To see the tears fall down my face?
And know that you’re to blame?
Tell me…don’t you feel even the least bit ashamed?
When you’re out there walking around, slandering my name?
This is my LIFE, you know.
It isn’t a game.
I gave you what you wanted.
The out you were so damn desperate for…
But it wasn’t enough,
You just had to have more.
Tell me…why can’t you see?
That I’ve grown up,
That I’ve moved on.
That I’m not the girl I used to be.
Please, just let it go.
Set me free.
Can’t take one more day of your inflicted misery.
God knows, I’ve been doing my best,
Just to try to forget.
No, I don’t want to reminisce.
I just want to end this.
So I can have closure,
And finally some peace.
Once and for all.
I deserve that, at least.
Don’t you think?



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