Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve…

A Poem.

Tell me something,
won’t you pretty please?
If I were lying there, bleeding,
Hand outstretched and pleading—
Would you just keep walking?
Keep on leaving?
If you saw me on the street,
A day, a week, a year from now.
Would you say hello,
Say anything at all?
If I showed up unannounced,
Would you slam the door and tell me to get out?
If I came to you with the truth,
Would you hate me for waiting so long?
For not telling you until now?
Would you even believe the words from my mouth?
Tell me something, pretty please.
If the walls came tumbling down and I lost it all,
Would you be there to catch me–should I fall?
If I told you I was sorry,
Would you say that you’re sorry too—
That you never meant to be so cruel?
If we could, would you rewind time?
Reminisce with me, of what might have been?
And all that will never be again?
Tell me, would you? If you could?
Because I’m not so sure I would…
even if I could.



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