Makes No Sense To Me…

So is it just me, or has there been an influx of pretty sad stuff happening in the news lately? Kind of makes you wonder where all the good has gone…doesn’t it? The topic was brought up in the class discussion earlier for my Mass Media course that I’m taking. I get it–in that it’s just how the media works and that it’s all about sensationalism and all that. I get it. I just don’t understand it….if that makes any sense at all. I realize it might seem a little ironic–especially considering how I’m going into journalism myself. I know it’s about bringing the truth to the world–for the most part, that is–but some things–some truths…I think I would rather just not know.

Like finding out about how a 14-year-old girl from the next town over was hit by a car and killed Friday night. What’s messed up is that I didn’t read about it in the paper or hear it on tv–I found out through Facebook, of all places. Don’t get me wrong…I love social media. I do. I think it’s a great tool for communication. I just wish I didn’t have to find out horrible things like that through Facebook. Granted it’d still be just as horrible and tragic if it had come from any other medium…but still, it just seems so….wrong. I didn’t know the girl personally, but I know several people who knew and were friends with her. Even if I didn’t, it’d still be horrible and sad. The fact that it happened right in front of her house…that just makes it even worse. Not to mention the circumstances surrounding the accident. Spring Break for the high schools officially started Friday, so she was outside with her friends. From what I heard, she was helping one of them look for a lost cell phone. She simply just crossed the road–something she’d no doubt done hundreds of times before–and that was it. She died at the scene. It was an accident. It was dark. The driver of the car didn’t see her. Honestly, it could have happened to anyone. I’ve driven that road at night countless times. It’s a highway road so the speed limit is 55mph and it’s not well-lit at all. The stretch of road where it took place specifically–all I can really say is that if someone or something were to run out in front of you, there’s no reaction time–no time to swerve or slam on the breaks–at least not IN time. It’d be over in the blink of an eye–literally. And the sad part is that is exactly what happened. One second the girl was laughing with her friends, and in the next–she was gone. She was only 14. She had her whole life ahead of her. A life that she’d barely even begun to live. She was so young. There’s so much that she never did…that she’ll never have the chance to do now. She’ll never get her driver’s license, or go to Prom, or graduate with all of her friends. She’ll never go to college, or have a career, or get married and have a family. She’ll never do any of those things. She had a life–and in the blink of an eye–it was gone. It just doesn’t seem fair. It just feels…wrong. So very, very wrong.

I can’t imagine what it must be like. The hell and utter devastation her family and friends are going through right now. Her family especially. To have something like that happen–literally–right in front of them…it’s something no parent or family should ever have to go through. I mean, to be literally right there…just a few yards away…but unable to stop it or to do anything. Just picturing it had me on the verge of tears. Her parents probably heard it happen and ran out…god, it must have been horrible. I don’t know if the young girl died instantly, or if she lived for a short time after–all I know is that for her sake–and if there is a God somewhere–I hope it was quick. Getting hit by a car going at that speed–the poor girl didn’t have a chance. I just hope she didn’t suffer.

Her friends put together a little makeshift memorial by the guard rail on the side of the road where the accident happened. I passed it on my way home yesterday and it was absolutely heartbreaking. Worse, it really is directly across the street from the girl’s house. I feel sorry for the family–for their loss–and because every time they walk outside from here on out–they’re going to be hit with the cruel reminder of that loss…of that night. It’s the worst kind of injustice, I think. I don’t think I’d be able to handle that–to always have that reminder…I just couldn’t.

I feel horrible for her friends. The ones that were there that night, with her–who watched their friend get killed right in front of them. To witness something like that–it’s definitely traumatic. It’s something they will remember for the rest of their lives. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. If that were me and I’d seen one of my best friends get killed–I’d be devastated. I love my friends to death. They’re like family…only closer. My friends are probably the ones that know me best–more than my family even–which is saying a lot.

I can’t imagine that kind of loss. To never be able to talk or see your best friend ever again…it’s unimaginable. When I shut everyone out 2 years ago and didn’t speak to my best friend for a year after–I can’t even describe how hard it was, or how horrible it felt. Though I had my reasons for what I was doing…and I knew that it had to be that way–it was still hell. There were times when I would have given anything just to take it all back and make everything the way it was…and then I’d remind myself of why it had to be that way in the first place. I know it’s not even close to being the same thing for the friends of that girl. I was lucky. I got my best friend back…for the most part. In a lot of ways, my best friend is like my other half. My sidekick. My partner in crime. She knows all my secrets, or most of them, and I know hers. We’ve been through so much together over the years. We’ve had our ups-and-downs, and our share of fights and disagreements. We’ve thrown chairs and picture frames at each other, and even a hammer was thrown once. We’ve gone weeks not being on speaking terms with one another for things we didn’t even know what or why we were fighting about in the first place. We’ve pinky-swore, apologized, and made up dozens of times. We even lived together for a little while…and learned that best friends should not be roommates and that doing so is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. Despite it all, we’ve managed to be remain friends…somehow. We’ve gotten each other through breakups and broken hearts and so much more. I’d be lost without her, or any one of my friends for that matter. They’re my people. They keep me grounded.

Anyhow, I need to get some shut-eye and not think of sad things. The world can wait until tomorrow. Good night MOON.



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