Untitled Assault…


In the bright rays of the moon,
Rests a single, solitary blade of grass.
Pieces of broken glass sparkle in the moonlight.
Drops of blood cooling on the hot grass.
She looks into the mirror.
The holes dark.
The cracks deep.
The pain too unbearable to realize.
In that shattered mirror–
she remembers a time of happiness.
She remembers the moment she first learned to swim,
the crystal blue water rippling lightly
from a calm, summer breeze.
She remembers her first horse ride.
Grass trampled swiftly into the ground–
from the galloping hooves of the powerful animal.
She remembers them all too well.
The smell of blood, the taste of fear; her tears.
The smile on her innocent face…
And then he came.
She learned to swim again.
She had to.
This time, the water was opaque.
Red, thick.
The way his hands felt.
She couldn’t breathe,
the wisps of life fluttering through her body;
Her body that had learned so well,
had heard the grass whimper.
Had seen it die.
Was nothing more than one solitary blade.
The hooves smothered her, confined her.
As his hands flickered in the torrent of the night sky.
His menacing laughs the only conversation.
And slowly, the blade of grass turned.
Green became brown, the ebb of life withering.
It had no fight, no will…no life.
Just another object, just another conquest.
He was and she was, too.
Eyes of fright looked into a distraught soul.
Looking hard, deep…finding nothing.
She was empty and hollow.
A hazel green eye looking into a mirror,
gazing into an elongated crack, twisted and turned–
her innocence no longer uniform.
And from that single, solitary blade of grass…
From the brown, tattered, and dead plant.
Came a single, solitary, spherical tear–
that splattered and shattered as it hit the ground.


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