Life, Winding Down…

Well, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. First with the semester coming to a close–what with a ridiculous amount of last minute work and final research papers and photography and web design portfolios…ahh yeah. It’s insane. I seriously need to get a reign on this habit of procrastination that I have, that’s for sure. By that I’m referring to my final English paper that I literally wrote an hour before it had to be turned in (and yes, I’m that good lol), the 15 or so Technical Writing assignments that I had all semester to complete and didn’t bother to do until the last week…not to mention my major final research paper for my Mass Media class that was due on the 10th but didn’t get written and turned in until the wee morning hours on the 12th. Umm, yeah…definitely have to do something about my procrastinating. It’s wierd, but it’s almost like I thrive on the challenge of having such a small amount of time to finish something…it’s insane. But in my defense, I’ve had a busy semester with all my other coursework and actual work and so on…so yeah. But at least it’s all over with. Officially. Final grades just posted last night and admittedly, I was a little hesitant when I logged on. To my total shock, I got a perfect 4.0—how I did that is beyond me, but I did it. Guess all that hard work paid off. Now I get to relax a little and enjoy the break. I have a feeling it’s going to go by fast and that the fall semester will be here before I even know it. I’m looking forward to it though. I have a full courseload again, but the classes are good ones…like journalism, publishing, and more computer graphics/photography type stuff. I’m excited.

Speaking of photography, I just did my first wedding gig this past weekend. It was my sister’s wedding, so it wasn’t too awkward or anything. I wasn’t too keen on the idea when she asked me to do it months ago, but I got railroaded into it pretty much. It’s a little ironic actually that I got asked to do the photography, especially when my family is constantly telling me that I need to stop taking so many pictures all the time. It’s true, I don’t go anywhere without my camera. So anyhow, I agreed and everything went smoothly. The pictures came out far better than I was expecting, which was good. I’ve already had a few people on the groom’s side messaging me on Facebook asking if I do photography professionally and if I had a business card and whatnot. Um, yikes….I don’t know about that–especially since I’m starting this photography gig next week for the summer. I think I’ll be sick of it by that point. But who knows.

Anyhow, a busy day ahead tomorrow, so time for some shut-eye.



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