“Sweet As Could Be”…


Sweet sixteen, better light another candle,
just for luck.
This year is going to be a fun one.
A license to drive and her high school prom.
Smile for the camera, girl.
This way you’ll never forget.
Years from now, you’ll look back.
And be glad you did that.
But for now, you might as well say goodbye to innocence.
Better put on those boxing gloves,
prepare yourself–this is going to the fight of your life.
Sweet sixteen, just another year, just another damaged life.
A girl with a dream–
you don’t know it now,
but you’ll learn to fly someday…somehow.
You’ll be a heartbreaker with that phony smile you wear so well.
The one that hides the secret,
of that dark autumn night.
Looks in the mirror,
horrified at what she sees.
Runs to put those fingers down her throat–
to be all that she can be.
What the world expects,
what they really want to see.
It isn’t her. Just an image they’ve created.
She cries, but no one cares.
They want to ask, but they don’t dare.
She’s breaking inside,
trying her best not to let them see,
the burden that she carries–
the shame of being sweet sixteen.



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