Say It’s Ain’t So…

Here come the tears again…but at this moment, I really don’t care. Just heard the news. I’m sitting here, feeling absolutely helpless, and trying to make sense out of something that makes absolutely NO sense to me. The cancer’s back. Poor little Lena. Things were just starting to get back to normal for her. She just started 1st grade. She was happy and healthy. And now this…I don’t understand why things like this happen. I don’t think I ever will. All I can think is what now…where to go from here. Everyone says to keep praying and to keep the faith, but I don’t think I can pray to or believe in a God that could put Lena–this beautiful, amazing little girl–through this living hell again. I’m sorry, but I just can’t. She’s just a little girl. This shouldn’t be happening to her, but it is. I know that I should hold on to the fact that she’s one of the lucky ones. To remember and be grateful that she beat the odds once already, while so many others weren’t as fortunate.They said she couldn’t do it. The statistics were against her. But she did it. She proved them wrong. And I have to believe that she’ll do it again. She will. She has to…

LENA --2012--
LENA –2012–


You got this sweetheart…



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