Beneath The Pretense Lies…


I may not know it all,
but there is one thing that of which I’m sure.
Which is that I’d rather die,
than continue living this way…
Keeping secrets and telling lies.
Pretending to be happy, when I’m really not.
The smile isn’t real, and neither is anything else.
I’m a phony, a fake.
A girl standing on a line between giving up,
And wondering how much more she can take.
I swear I tried–that I gave it my best shot.
But I’m living in hell, and I just want out.
I don’t want to fight this war.
I just can’t do it anymore.
I’m out of strength, there’s nothing left.
It’s best this way, you’ll see.
Though hard that it might be,
things aren’t always as they seem.
And there comes a point in time, when you have to realize.
That some things just aren’t meant to be;
and not every story ends happily.
My only regret…that it seems a waste, a cryin’ shame–
that this is how they’ll remember me.
Just a broken girl…
Heart in pieces, shattered soul;
Her life a wreck, her head a mess…
A nameless, faceless victim of a cruel and unforgiving world
That never did,
And never will make sense…



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