Rest & Giggles, Avie Style…

Well, I’m finally out of the godforsaken hospital. Ugh, one more day in there and I think I might have gone crazy. I hate hospitals–by the way–the whole sterile-y feel and being all cooped up…though the morphine was nice. Anyhow, it’s nice to be home…chaos and craziness and all. As per doctor’s orders, I’ve been “taking it easy”…which pretty much amounts to lots of writing and scrapping and listening to hours of iTunes. That, and feeling bored and going a bit stir-crazy. My little Avie munchkin decided to come in just now and give me some special attention and her very own idea of “medicine”…which included some jumping on the bed, a tickle fight, some squealing, and lots of lots of giggles. Morphine is great…but laughter…hers especially–definitely the best medicine of all. Hands down…no contest. Yeah. Life is good.

100_5335                  My Little Avie J. ❤100_5339



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