I stop.

I take a breath.

For every one step forward.

I take another two steps back.

I stand.

So alone.

As I shuffle along.

To the tune of some long-forgotten love song.

I flash a smile.

Can’t hold it for too long.

There one minute.

In the next, it’s gone.

Gone like a ghost;

clever thief in the night.

Like it was never even there at all.

Blink and it’s out of sight.

I’ve got the art of deception all down.

An expert at “act like nothing’s wrong.”

I blend in.

Pretend that I belong.

Who am I kidding…

No one would notice if I were gone.

The sun will still continue to rise…

The moon and the stars…will still blanket the night sky.

The world will keep spinning.

Life will go on.

I do it alone, on my own.

I walk these streets.

One by one.

Along these boulevards of broken dreams.

And nothing is ever what it seems.

I try to keep track.

Try to face all the facts.

I try not to slip.

But I fall through the cracks.

I want to forget.

But I go back.

I try to be strong.

To put on a brave face.

I try to survive.

Take it one day at a time.

I look for a sign,

reassurance of some kind.

I look for the truth,

but I keep finding lies.

So I retreat to another place, another time.

Ignoring the pain I keep bottled up inside.

I dare not speak.

With a voice this weak.

So I cling to the remnants of my bone-weary past…

Faded images and memories–

Are all I have left.

They’re all that I have…

Correction…All that I HAD.

I know I should move on.

Just let it all go.

I know I should walk away.

But something makes me want to stay.

It’s holding me in place.

I should go quietly.

Bow out gracefully.

Say to hell with my pride.

To hell with the glory.

I stand.

Get up off my knees.

I probably should,

But I’m not sorry.

I’m just a girl.

Just one of so many.

Listen up, World.

This is MY story….


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