Soooo I’m really over this whole hobbling around on crutches thing…yeah, I’m the worst person to have to be given crutches…Seriously, I’m a major klutz…thus my reason for being given them in the first place. I hate my crutches.I hate my stupid splinted ankle (which has downgraded from a complicated sprain to ligament tear and is currently in a cast boot and focus of “surgery negotiations” )-: yeah…not good). I hate my dislocated thumb that makes my crutches suck even more ridiculously. I hate my bruised ribs.

Ankle (1)Ankle

I hate that I’m an idiot who tries to do laundry at midnight but doesn’t bother to turn on a damn light and so she falls down the damn stairs…yeah this sucks. Really, really, reaaaallllllllyyy sucks. 😦



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