End Scene… A POEM

End Scene… a poem

She remembers those green eyes.
Such a dark and deep and subtle hue.
They sparkled in the night.
They burned and shined so bright in the quiet, dim moonlight.
As he took her soul without a fight.
Clever thief who liked to hide in the shadows of the night.
So afraid to step into the light.

She still has her life.
For what it’s worth, at least that’s something.
She still has her dreams.
This vision of a girl that she wants to be.
More than anything.

It may be all that she has.
There might not be much more.
After everything he stole.
He took her heart.
He left her bare.
She was vulnerable.
She was scared.
He was weak.
And too caught up in himself to even care.
That tough exterior he likes to think he wears so well.
It’s all a lie, a pretty ruse.
There no man under there.

She fell asleep last night with tears in her eyes.
It may take her some time to grasp the meaning of goodbye.
She won’t forget him, but she’ll try.


ghost of your lies


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