Well, it’s a winter-albeit a frozen one-wonderland outside here in Nashville. Today was my first official Southern Snow Day…which sounds kind of ironic, but is totally awesome. 🙂 When I woke up this morning, I saw the text from the school saying that classes were closed due to “poor weather conditions”…so naturally, I looked out the window and laughed. There was a dusting of snow on the ground, if that. Then, of course, I actually went outside and got up close and personal with the sleet rain. It was kind of a beautiful actually. There was ice on everything. All the branches on the trees that line the little walkway by the lake next to the res halls were covered in ice…of course, I had to snap a picture.

nashville snowicestorn 2.16.2015

Then I went back inside and promptly proceeded to nearly fall on my ass in front of the roommates because the bottom of my boots were coated in ice. Epic klutz move of mine, for sure. I had to run to the store, which is just up the road, so of course, the New Yorker in me was like “no problem, what’s a little ice…I’ve driven in worse”. Um yeah, totally overestimated that one. For starters, the truck was COVERED in ice. I mean, literally covered in a sheet of ice that had to have been at least half an inch thick or more. And dummy that I am, I didn’t even bother to bring a snow brush or an ice scraper with me when I moved down here. Never figured I’d actually need one. Guess that’s what I get for thinking. So I sat in the truck for a while and let it warm up, thinking the defroster would work its magic on the ice. Again…me and my assumptions. So there I was, standing in the sleet for a good twenty minutes trying to crack through some of the ice on the windshield with my BARE hands and some metal twisty thing I happened to find in the truck. The good news is that I did manage to clear off the windshield…the bad news is that I also managed to slice open the knuckle on my finger on the ice in the process. Note to myself, ice is sharp. Like, really, really sharp. Seeing how I’d gone through all that trouble, I decided to still go to the store. Honestly, the roads weren’t as bad as I was expecting. They were a little icy and slushy in places, but nothing major. At least not by NY standards, I should say. I still keep having to remind myself that I’m not in NY…that I’m in the south…and people down here aren’t used to this crazy icy, winter weather. There weren’t a lot of people out. It was like Nashville had turned into a ghost town overnight. It was so strange, but awesome.

I got another text late this afternoon saying school was closed again tomorrow (Tuesday)…so I get two back-to-back Southern Snow Days. It’s like double the awesome. Despite the mayor calling for people to try to stay off the roads tomorrow, I think I’m gonna try to get downtown and shoot some pics of this winter wonderland while it’s still here. Call me crazy…but I’m from New York. It’s like culturally ingrained.

Hopefully we’ll get some a decent accumulation of snow overnight…because I’m totally down for building a snow man!! 🙂



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