Really, God?! Really.

You ever just get the feeling like if there is a God, he’s just sitting up there going, “Oh look, she’s happy and things are going well…we can’t have that…BAM! There’s a curve ball for ya bitch!”?? Yeah. Not having a good day. At all. I just wish that for once, things would work out in my favor, you know? I’m not expecting this to be a cakewalk, but come on. Why can’t I just get what I want and have everything go smoothly for once in my life? Just once. I mean, is that really asking so much? My grams is always saying that God only gives you as much as you can handle…but from where I’m sitting, that’s total bull. And if this is some kind of life lesson thing that I need to learn to somehow be a stronger person or whatever…then I’m sorry, but I’m just not seeing the silver lining here…



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