Let’s Go Chasin’ Waterfalls.

So I went on a little late-afternoon Friday-Funday excursion today. I just needed to get out of Nashville for awhile and going for a drive usually helps me to clear my mind…and after the week I’ve had, a drive is exactly what I needed. So, I decided to drive out to Cookeville, a little city off I-40, roughly about an hour and 20 minutes from Nashville. The area is so beautiful, and right in the middle of half a dozen different state parks…so I decided to check out a couple of them. I brought my Canon with me, so I figured I’d try to get some pretty nature shots. 

I went to the City Lake Falls first. It was so beautiful and serene, and sits right on City Lake…and there were even a bunch of ducks that were hanging around. I ended up taking the hiking trail that’s there, taking pictures along the way of all the trees and moss and whatever else happened to catch my eye. At the end of the trail, there’s a clearing with a pretty waterfall…and of course, the photographer in me just had to take half a million pictures. 

I was going to just head back to Nashville after that, but I decided to check out another of the nearby State Parks called Cummins Falls, a 35-acre park with trails that bring you to this amazing, huge waterfall. Since the excursion was a last minute thing and because I’d left Nashville so late in the afternoon, it was already about 6:30 or so when I finally got there. I checked online for the sunset time and it said 6:48, so I knew I had to rush to get there if I wanted to see the waterfall in what little daylight there was left…and then get my behind out of there before it got dark. Unlike City Lake’s 5-minute trail to the falls, it was a 2 mile hike down a steep, muddy hiking trail that–if you ask me–should be marked better. I got there in time to get my pictures–dozens of them actually–and managed to get ahold of my family on Skype so they could see the falls, too. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have spent so much time taking pics from the overlook ledge by the falls in that by the time I started back, it was already getting dark…real fast. What’s worse is that I’m a girl with absolutely NO sense of direction whatsoever, which isn’t exactly a good thing when you’re on a hike in a 35-acre park and you can hardly see the trail in front of you since it’s so dark. So, yeah, it wasn’t the best or easiest of exits. Like I said, the trails aren’t really marked that well, and since we’ve had some rain recently, the muddy trail looked no different from the rest of the ground. I figured my best bet of getting out of there without getting lost in the dark was to try and go back the way I’d come from. So, that’s what I did. Not to mention that I had to use the flashlight app on my phone to see where I was walking. I called my sister while I was finding my way out and told her that I was lost in the dark in a 35-acre park…just messing with her…and she totally freaked, as usual. She really needs to lighten up and not always assume the worst. AND she needs to stop watching shows like Criminal Minds that show people getting lost and dying in the woods. She’s hilarious. I’m sure I wouldn’t have found it as funny if I actually had ended up getting lost in there, but I didn’t…so yeah. I made it out, so it’s all good.

I’m thinking of checking out the Zip-Lines at Nashville Shores next weekend for my next little adventure. I love Tennessee. It’s such a pretty state and there’s so many places you can go to and things to do. I’m loving that I have the freedom to do things like this and go on these little day-trips to all these really neat places. I literally can’t get enough of it. It’s great. 


–> And To Share Some Pics From Today’s Little Adventure…





















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