Professors & Their Little Power-Trips.

So it’s that’s time of the semester…registration time. I can’t believe the semester’s nearly over with already. Just a few more weeks now. I almost wish these last 4 months hadn’t gone by so quickly…and then I remember my Professor from my 2-D class and I’m reminded and start to think that May 8th can’t get here quickly enough. This teacher, I swear to God…I’m literally at my wit’s end with the woman. She’s a bitch. With a capital “B”. She seemed nice enough in the beginning of the semester, despite her somewhat old-school teaching style and her policy of not ever giving students an “A” in the class, whether you earned it or not. Her reasoning being that in order to get an “A”, your work has to be perfect…and she doesn’t think anyone is capable of doing 100 percent, perfect work…so basically, getting an “A” is essentially impossible to attain in the class. Which I think is total bullshit. I mean, if you do the work and you meet all the objectives for that work, you should deserve to get an “A”. Am I right? I think it’s totally messed up. From a student’s perspective, I’m paying to take these classes and doing all this work–and even though I’ve earned and deserve it, I’m already at a disadvantage grade-wise seeing how I’m starting with a “B” letter grade. It isn’t fair, you know? But you have these impossible-to-please teachers on power trips who like to make up these ridiculous class policies with no regard as to what getting a “B” does to your GPA. I mean, why should they care? It’s not their problem…yeah, f that.

Anywho… now I’ve had some pretty sucky teachers over the years, some where there was definitely no love lost between us…but this professor makes those teachers look tame compared to her. Everything thinks I’m crazy or reading too much into it when I say that she hates me, but it’s true. The woman HATES me. And I don’t even know why. Ever since I missed that ONE class back in February, it’s like the woman has made it her mission to make my life hell for six hours a week. It started out with her just making snide little comments the few classes that followed that one that I missed,  with that whole “well, if you hadn’t missed that class then you’d know…” which is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, for starters, half the class didn’t go that night and she doesn’t bother any of those people about it…just me. Secondly, she kept making those snide remarks even after we’d already finished that project and moved on to the next. If she dropped it after we moved to the next project, that would have been one thing. But she didn’t drop it, which leads me to think it’s not even about my missing that class. It’s something else. I just don’t know what. And at this point, I’m past the point of even caring enough to guess or try to figure it out and have gone right to being completely fed up with her and the whole damn thing.

I’m so sick of having to deal with her crap each and every damn time we have the class. I can ask her a perfectly reasonable, relevant question that doesn’t require anything other than a yes or no answer…and she’ll literally go off on this ridiculous, long explanation that by the time she’s finished, has absolutely nothing to even do with my question in the first place. She talks in riddles and circles around an answer until I’m even more confused than I was in the first place. And I know that she knows exactly what she’s doing…and she gets off on it. She really does. And I’ve tried with her. I’ve tried to figure out whatever it is that she has against me. I’ve even come right out and asked  her why, when I’m asking her a yes/no question, she won’t just give me a straight answer. She’ll give the rest of the class a simple yes or no answer when they ask her a question…but won’t when I ask. When I asked her about it, she said something about how I want everything to be black-and-white…which according to her isn’t how the world works…and was actually acting as though she was doing me some big favor by challenging me….which is total bullshit. Constructive criticism is one thing…but that’s not what she’s doing when she starts with me every class. She’s not trying to challenge me to do better–or BE better– or trying to teach me some big life lesson that could possibly be useful in the long run for me. no. She’s not doing any of that. She’s just being a bitch. Plain and simple. She–and other people in the class–have even come to me outside of class and agree that she’s actually getting off on it–with her blatantly trying to pick a fight with me every class and how she’ll be smirking when she comes over to say something to me…it’s like she clearly gets some kind of twisted satisfaction each time I take the bait and let her get under my skin and piss me off. She enjoys it. I don’t. 

I hate it and I hate her. I really do. It’s been going on for months now and I, for one, am really fucking sick of it, you know? Now, I’m generally always up for some light banter with teachers…but this isn’t that. This is just her on some power trip, abusing her authoritative position as a teacher…and it’s messed up. Hell, I’m paying for a class that I’ve learned absolutely nothing from because she’s too busy harassing and picking fights with me constantly. It’s not right. I mean, I shouldn’t have to be miserable every class. And that’s what she does. She pushes all the right buttons of mine until I’m good and miserable. It’s to the point where I don’t even want to go to the class anymore because I know she’s just going to pick a fight with me any way that she possibly can, for no reason other than that she’s a bitch and does what she wants. Again, it’s fucked up. And I’ve tried. I’ve asked her nicely to stop and I’ve straight-out told her to…and nothing. Like this last class we had this week. She started with me not even five minutes into the class and I was straight with her. I told her I wasn’t in the mood and that I didn’t want to argue with her. It’s exhausting, you know? Day in, day out…sometimes taking as long as an hour from the class that she could be using to actually DO her job and teach us something. It’s infuriating and annoying as all hell…and its disruptive to the rest of the class. It’s just wrong.

Last night it just got to the point where I was thisclose to saying the hell with it and her and walking out. Then this afternoon while I was registering next semester’s classes with my advisor, she asked me how things were going in my other class, so I told her all about Prof. BITCH. She suggested that I go to the student life director and ask her to be some kind of mediator between the professor and myself. Yeah…not happening. The bitch already hates me. Putting it on the record and filing a formal complaint would–I’m certain–only make things worse. For me. She’s the one with tenure and the power to either pass or fail me…so yeah. I’m not an idiot. I’m not going to rock the boat as it’s already sinking, so to speak. I’ve only got a few weeks left and then I’ll never have to see that woman again. It sucks, but I just got to get to the homestretch and that’s it.

Here’s to hoping I can keep from BITCH-slapping the BITCH (and you have no idea how tempted I am to do that) and just get the semester over with…



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