So, today’s the day…

I’ll be heading to the airport in a few hours and will be back–or should be–in New York by noon. My emotions about it are literally all over the map at the moment. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, a little scared even…but mostly excited. Angelina still doesn’t know that I’m coming back, which is pretty awesome just on its own–the fact that my loud-mouth family has managed to keep this surprise for 4 months straight. It’s a miracle really, considering my family has never been great when it comes to keeping secrets. Even so, I’m so glad they haven’t said anything.

Oh, I can’t wait to see the look on Angelina’s face when I show up at the house. It’s going to be absolutely priceless, considering she really doesn’t think I’m coming back for her birthday. In fact, she got all upset and mad with me on the phone earlier. I asked her if she was celebrating her last day of being an 11-year-old, and she said no–and that she was sad because I wasn’t going to be there. I told her what I’ve been telling her–how I can’t miss my classes, and that we could still Skype. She said no, then got mad and hung up on me. Oh yes, it’s going to be an incredible surprise.

So New York,  here I come…



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