Home Sweet Home. Southern-Style.

Oh M Ggggg!!! So I’m literally bursting with excitement at the moment, so much so that I just checked into my hotel in Clarksville and instead of a much needed long, hot shower after the 15 hour straight drive from NY to Nashville I just did (I literally left NY less than 24 hours ago), along with the additional 5 or so hours going from Nashville to Murfreesboro and then back to Clarksville–holy hell, let me tell me you that was one insane drive–instead I’m sitting here on the is comfy hotel room bed and posting like I just shot up or something. It’s crazy. But good, awesome, happy vibes kind of crazy. Like I said, OMG!!


So yeah, I’m back in Tennessee–obviously–and it’s just me, no Ryan…nothing. I decided it’d be easier just to drive straight through the night, figuring there’d be less traffic that way and whatnot and I left late so that I’d get in around the time to check in at the hotel and get some shuteye/ready before I have to head off to the promotional shoot for the film tonight. I was pretty hyped up until about 3/4 of the way through Ohio. I swear, that state seemed to go on forever and ever…and well, EVER. And it was boring as hell. I think I pretty much ended up calling everyone I knew wouldn’t be in bed and talked to fill the time. But then my phone died, of course, and I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I put the car charger and wasn’t about to pull over and dig through the mountain of stuff I have packed tight in that jeep, so it was just me and the lonely, lonely road. Nothing but road. Forever. I swear, it took me hours to get to Cincinnati. I kept seeing signs for it for literally like 200 miles and eventually I was like, what the hell…so that was annoying. And then, wouldn’t you know, once I finally cleared Ohio and made it into Kentucky, they had the interstate shut down–not sure if it was a wreck or road work–so I was stuck taking this unmarked detour and nearly ended up lost…in Kentucky, of all places. And by that I mean, even if my phone was charged, it would’ve been useless because apparently Kentucky is the land of no-cell-service…or at the least the good majority of it. So yeah, not fun. Finally, I think I pulled off in a rest stop near Louisville to try and get some shuteye…which was practically impossible because I literally have the jeep packed to the nines with all my stuff so I had to rearrange bins and everything just to get the seat to recline a little. Then I kept bumping my shin on the damn steering column and I was too afraid to roll down the windows so it was hot as hell…so yeah, moral of the story…I didn’t get no sleep. Because of that, I made it into town pretty early. Since check in wasn’t until 3, I figured I might as well head out to Murfreesboro and see if I could get the ball rolling with the apartment arrangement.


Everything went great and I signed the lease. I can pick up the keys and move in tomorrow morning. And the place—oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous. It’s in a pretty upscale area and there’s a guard station out front, so security isn’t going to be an issue. It’s furnished–so I didn’t have to rent a u-haul and lug all my stuff out of storage–and everything’s included in the rent(utilities, cable, wifi–EVERYTHING)–which was super cheap–much more than I ever would have expected for the place. I’m subletting so the lease I took over goes until the end of July, but then I have the option of renewing for the full lease…which I’m seriously considering. I mean, the apartment community is absolutely incredible. The landscaping is just beautiful. There’s a pool, tennis and volleyball courts, a fitness/yoga center–there’s even tanning beds for tenants…and everything’s included. No additional fees for use or anything. It’s just…well, it’s not a deal…it’s a freakin’ STEAL. And I’m so, so excited to move in. The girls in the leasing office alone were more than welcoming. They literally had me in stitches laughing with the conversation we were having. It’s great. And the drive from Nashville to Murfreesboro was a lot shorter than I was expecting, so that’s not going to be an issue.


Everything is falling into place finally and I’m so, so relieved and lucky and grateful and happy–and every other adjective that I don’t have time to type down right now because I really need to get ready for tonight’s shoot. But it’s great. Actually, it’s perfect. Life. Is. Perfect!


Here’s to hoping it’ll stay that way…




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