Wreck On The Highway (Here We Go Again)

So, I’m sure most of y’all have seen—or at least heard of—the Final Destination movies …you know, the ones where one guy/girl has a premonition of all these people dying so he/she warns everybody, thus thwarting “death’s plan”…which doesn’t work out too well in his/her favor because “death” comes back with a vengeance and kills everyone in some way or another anyhow by the time the movie’s over…yeah, those movies. Now logically, I know that’s all Hollywood fiction and whatnot…but after the day I’ve had, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe Hollywood might have been on to something…I don’t know.


The day started off kind of crappy to begin with…and then just went downhill from there…with a text I got from my friend Alan this morning that to put it simply, sort of rubbed me the wrong way, so to speak. So when I got to the set, I was still pretty annoyed and left not too long after I got there. I’d planned on meeting up with a friend that lives out in Brentwood. On the way there, I called her and we decided to meet up at my place instead since it was closer to where she works, rather than go into Brentwood. So yeah, I was on I24, heading home to Murfreesboro. The traffic was ridiculous, like it always is around that time here with the evening work rush. Anyhow, it started to clear up and get moving and then out of nowhere, some douche bag decides to just stop. Right there in the lane, in the middle of the freaking interstate. He just stopped. So the car in front of me slammed on his brakes and so did I, stopping just in time…only to have some guy rear-end me hard from behind, slamming me into the car in front of me. And the bastard that caused it all just stuck his head out the window, looked back at us and then sped off. Yeah. Like what the hell…who does that? Who stops in the middle of the freaking interstate for no reason whatsoever? It’s fucked up. Sorry for the language, but it is.


Luckily, no one was hurt. I was a little banged up though…but I guess that’s to be expected when someone slams into you going 70 something mph. Slammed my knee—and of course it just had to be the same knee I messed up in high school and then re-injured a few years back when I was working at the bar—into the dash pretty hard and banged up my shoulder a little. Apparently hit my head somehow, too—which I didn’t even realize or know I’d done until the ER doc pointed out the bleeding cut on the side of my head. Despite it all, I’m lucky to have walked away with just a few minor injuries. Could’ve been much, much worse. So yeah, basically just some bumps and bruises. No broken bones. Just a badly sprained knee and whiplash.


On the bright side though, at least my Jeep is okay. I was too much of a crying mess right after it happened and with my knee, I didn’t even get out of the car to check the damage. And when the cops finally showed up, the one told me just to stay in the car anyhow, what with all the traffic that was still speeding by—less than a foot away from where we were on the shoulder. The cop that came over was really nice. He got all our statements, ticketed the guy that slammed into me, and said my car appeared to be drive able, so I could go. Before I left, he gave me directions to a hospital a few miles away and told me I was better off driving myself rather than wait for an ambulance to get through all the traffic. Of course my mother’s on the phone the whole time yelling at me and telling me to wait for an ambulance. I didn’t want to deal with that and having to have the car towed and being without a vehicle for who knows how long if I did, so I drove there myself. When I got to the ER, I checked the damage…expecting the worst. But it was minimal. Just some back-end damage to the bumper and a bent license plate I the front. Definitely not what I was expecting, especially when I’d seen the damage to the car that hit me with its front literally crumpled up nearly to the windshield. Apparently my Jeep is pretty damn tough. It’s unbelievable, but good news for me.


So yeah. An interesting (not in a good way) day it was. I swear one of these days these Tennessee interstates are going to kill me. Hell, two near misses (this accident and my hydroplaning incident back in February) in less than six months. Definitely not a good sign. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something, I don’t know. But this sh***y luck of mine sucks. I’m pretty sure I haven’t broken any mirrors lately…so what gives? 😦


So that’s that. Guess I’m in for some painful, sore few days. And the hits just keep on coming…and coming…




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