Happy Birthday ‘Merica.

So yesterday was my first (of hopefully many) 4th of July celebration here in Nashville. Honestly–I think I’m still a little shell-shocked–but in a good/giddy-like sort of way–about just being here…let alone all the opportunities I’ve been given. I  can’t believe I’ve been here for seven months now. It just seems so surreal…all of it. I keep thinking someone is going to pinch me and I’m going to wake up and all of this will have just been a dream. It’s crazy. Still, I have to admit, these past seven months have been the best seven months of my life. Truly. It’s hard to find just one adjective to describe my experience here so far, but I think I’ll go with a combination of AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL…to start. It’s pretty amazing–and ironic-considering that I walked into this move seven months ago with no expectations. It probably doesn’t say much for the faith and confidence I have in myself, but I really didn’t think it’d stick, me moving down here. It wasn’t so much about the move itself that I had doubted…I knew I’d follow through with it. If for no other reason than to prove everyone wrong. It’s probably so wrong of me to say, but I just wanted (and needed) that selfish satisfaction of knowing that I’d surprised the hell out of everyone. I mean, I’ve done some pretty crazy things over the years…but this–this was in a level all its own. This was major. Even so, I never thought I’d truly see it through…that I’d stay. I didn’t think I’d make it. In fact, I would have bet money on it. That I’d give up and go running back to New York and my family before the semester had even finished. I never in a million years expected this–that I’d love it like I do. And I do. I love it here. I love this beautiful, amazing city and the beautiful people in it. It’s everything I’d secretly harbored hope that it’d be…and so much more. It’s hard to explain, but somehow being here just makes me feel good about myself, my life…my future. I feel like ME, you know? Like I finally be the person that I’ve always to be…the person that I’m MEANT to be. Without all the pretense and the issues and baggage. Being here is like coming up for a breath of fresh air (and yes, I stole that from Grey’s–but it’s a good analogy) after being submerged for such a long time. I feel free–freer that I’ve ever felt. Maybe it’s the distance, maybe it’s the people–I don’t know–but it feels good. It feels really, really good.


And on that note–FREEDOM–I celebrated in true #Nashie spirit. I braved the pouring rain and a crowd in excess of 300,000 people and went downtown for the fireworks. It was absolutely crazy down there, but it was completely worth it. I managed to get close enough to the stage set up on Broadway to see Martina McBride perform a few songs–which I’ve got to give the lady big props for because she literally had to perform in the POURING RAIN– and had a great view of the fireworks show. Which was fantastic, I might add. Not that I’m at all surprised–it was slated to be the largest fireworks display in the whole nation–topping even that of NYC’s. It was an incredible show–and most definitely worth getting soaked and being crammed into one street with that huge of a crowd. Even worth the shoe that I lost somewhere on Broadway–in my defense, it was pouring rain, there was a puddle, and well…I don’t know how to walk–and the hour or so it took just to get out of downtown. Definitely, definitely worth it. I’m so glad I went. So grateful to be here in this amazing city for one of the biggest holiday celebrations of the year.


Despite the pouring rain on my lens, I managed to get some–what I think are pretty awesome–pics. (**See Below**)


Happy Belated Birthday America!!



IMG_6830-EDIT-with border


IMG_6776-EDIT-with border


IMG_6777-EDIT-with border


IMG_6794-EDIT-with border


IMG_6774-EDITS-with border




IMG_6799-EDIT-with border


IMG_6803-EDIT-with border
**My Personal Favorite Of The Bunch**


IMG_6805_cropped-EDIT-with border




IMG_6773-EDITS-with border


IMG_6829-EDIT-with border


IMG_6817-EDIT-with border


IMG_6796-EDIT-with border



IMG_6798-EDIT-with border


IMG_6818-EDIT-with border






IMG_6801-EDIT-with border


IMG_6805-EDIT-with border


IMG_6806-edit with border



And some live video from the show…

(** P.S. Sorry for the shakiness…I’m a photographer, not a videographer. 🙂 **)








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