So I ticked off a few family members last night. And I can’t, in all honestly, say that I’m sorry for it. Because I’m not. NOT AT ALL.


It’s their own doing…you would think by now that people would have common sense when they go about posting certain things to Facebook. I mean, come on. But no. People don’t learn. And they don’t care. Especially my uncle/cousin and his wife. Those two are—they’re unbelievable. To describe them in one word. Un-f**king-believable.


They posted a picture of the brand new car they’d bought for their teenage daughter and I saw it and of course, got annoyed. Just like I have with all the photos and posts in the past that they’ve shared of all these new vehicles, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, Disney trips, concerts with VIP access—the list is literally endless. And it’s not about being jealous. It’s about being pissed. Pissed because they flaunt these material things around—despite the fact that they have yet to pay back my mother and grandmother the thousands of dollars they’ve borrowed from them over the years. When they got married, they used my grandmother to buy furniture that was well above what they could afford…promising to pay it in full…and didn’t pay her a cent. Then there’s my mother—who took out a loan for them so they could give their children an amazing, exorbitant Christmas one year. Yeah, she never saw a penny from them for that either. And it doesn’t end there. In fact, it gets worse. Much, much worse. And by that I’m referring to the little fundraising debacle several years back. My uncle was in charge of hosting a car raffle for his wife’s sister’s little girl, the proceeds of which were meant to help offset the costs of her CANCER treatments and hospital bills. However, they didn’t sell all the raffles and therefore no raffle was actually held. Instead of returning the money or telling those that contributed that no raffle would be taking place, him and his wife spent most of the money. Of course, in their defense, part of the money the little girl’s own mother and her NEW husband used to fund their expensive honeymoon cruise…so they weren’t completely to blame. Still. Apparently word got out and there was talk of my uncle being arrested for essentially STEALING the money by defrauding people—which is EXACTLY what they did. So naturally…my uncle went running to my mother, who couldn’t stand the thought of seeing her little “brother” locked up. So she took money out of her own 401K to return the funds in exchange my uncle skipping the fraud charges. And not a penny of that was ever seen or repaid either.


And when my mother’s company downsized and she was out of a job…she went to them. Not to ask for their help or anything of that sort, but to ask them to please pay back the loans she’d taken out for them (on the expressed agreement that they’d repay) so she would have a couple less bills and creditors to worry about at that already financially difficult time. And they rebuked her every attempt to contact them. They refused her calls, ignored her messages, stopped coming around in any form because they felt “uncomfortable” about the situation. Uncomfortable? They should feel uncomfortable. Hell, they should feel ashamed of themselves. My mother and grandmother have bailed them out of their financial holes so many times over the years that it’s hard to even keep count—and they repay them by flaunting their 30,000 home improvements and interior designing and their trips and new purchases every chance they get. They should feel like shit. Because that’s what they are.


So with all that in mind, I said something. My mother had commented on the photo of the car about how she didn’t want to sound negative, but couldn’t help but feel like it was another slap in the face—all things considered. My uncle’s wife replied back with a warning that if people felt the need to leave negative comments, she’d be deleting them. So I spoke up. Maybe I shouldn’t have…I don’t care. But I did. And I’m not the least bit sorry that I did. I’m sick of everyone in my family keeping their mouths shut where those two are concerned because 1) they know it’s useless and 2) because they don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Well, sorry…but neither of those settle very well with me. I have no filter. Never have. Never will. And while I may not be perfect and my relationship with my mother hasn’t always been the best of ones—she’s still my mother. And she was right. It was a slap in the face to her. My mother has bent over backwards for the two of them. She’s struggled and gone without, had her credit tarnished because of their refusal to repay the loans they asked her to take out in their stead…and for what? To have to see them flaunting around their so-called wealth on social media in their need to come across to the world as these well-off, great people/parents that work like hell to provide their children with everything they could need and/or want? It’s bullshit. And I called them out on it.


I was just being honest. And I was clear in my statement. I pointed out that I was going to spare them the trouble of deleting me, by deleting them from my friend list. Which I did, by the way. But I also wasn’t going to let my post just wither away into cyberspace oblivion, so I was going to copy and post it on my own page, with their names so everyone knew exactly who the post was in reference to. Which, I also did. Maybe it was brash…but I don’t care. I really and truly don’t. Every word in the post is the truth. And if they don’t like that, well that’s not my problem.


Anyhow, today their daughter—the lucky owner of the brand new vehicle in question—decided to post a comment on that post of mine on my wall, essentially defending her parents and telling me it was none of my business and to shut my mouth…basically. Now, as much I would have loved to go all #nofilter on her and let her know exactly WHO she was defending—as I’m sure she doesn’t know the half of it—I kept my restraint. And that was merely for the fact that she’s a child. She’s a 16 year old who really needs to learn who to pick her battles with—but a child, none the less. I’m not going to fight or argue with a child. It’s just not right and it’s not worth the expenditure of energy, for that matter. And since I know that everything I said was the truth, I have nothing to defend. I stand by every word I wrote in that post. And while she and her parents might not like the world knowing just how materialistic, selfish, and pathetic they truly are—that too is not my problem. There’s a little thing called the 1st Amendment which gives me the freedom to say whatever I so choose. Not only that, but the post is on MY social media page. It’s completely up to them what is posted on their page and allowed to remain posted—and I’m sure that had I not deleted and added them to my lengthy list of blocked individuals—they’d have deleted me as quickly as their thumbs could swipe…just as they made sure to delete the post in itself shortly after my comment went live on it. That, like I said, is completely up to their discretion. What I post on MY social media page, however displeasing to their fake-ass personas and damaging to their all-too important image, is completely at MY discretion. And I choose to post the truth, to defend my mother and grandmother who have been treated like dirt because I know damn well they don’t have the heart or the nerve to stand up and speak out against two people that in reality, could care less about anyone other than themselves.


So, I’m burning bridges. And I don’t care. I really and truly don’t. And I’ll keep on burning as many as I have to, if that’s what it takes to do the right thing and call people out on their betrayals and greed and utter disrespect for those that helped them when they were at their lowest. I may not always like my family. Or agree with them. But on this, I will defend them. Whether people like it or not. So let the bridges burn and wither to ashes. In short-hand, IDGAF. I just don’t. And I’m not sorry for that. I’m just not.





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