Calamity … A Poem

Calamity… A Poem 




Around and around.

‘Till I fall to the ground.

In sin, I succumb.

On my knees, I can’t win.

I fight my conscience once again.

Heart in slow motion, there on my sleeve.

Open for all to see.

To use, to abuse, to bleed.

Light-weight, like that of a feather.

Fragile as silk, vulnerable now more than ever.

A myriad of emotion,

carries in the wind.

Testing me.

Haunting me.

Holding me down.

Taunting me.

Just beyond my fingertips’ reach.

All the words I can see.

That I’m too afraid to speak.

And all that I could be.

And all that I’ll never be.

Reflected back, there in front of me.

Such is this life of mine.

One beset with too much sorrow.

And far too many hopeless tomorrows.

An unfortunate tale of heartbreak.


And tragedy.

An all-too-real catastrophe.

But it’s too late now

Your chances are gone

No pretty words you can spin

To make me whole again

And broken hearts make for good songs

But they don’t right what’s been wronged

And no matter how many times you try

You can’t save me.

I’m breaking free.

This tragic mess.

This self-imposed calamity.


shape im in



By: Messie (*Johann L Roberts*)


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