Orphan… a poem.

Broken child, bleeding child.

Kneeling there on the floor.

Go ahead, just pretend.

That you don’t see her tears.

Go ahead, just pretend.

That you can’t hear her cries.

Turn around, walk away.

Still the sound of her weeping,

echoes throughout every room in the house.

Play the martyr, blame the victim.

Say it wasn’t your fault.

Make excuses.

Go on and lie to yourself.

Console yourself with the pretext

Of how nothing you could have done would have helped.

That it was out of your hands from the start.

Broken child, bleeding child.

No, she never stood a chance.

When her very existence was nothing less than

an unplanned circumstance.

She was fragile, she was weak.

Having been silent for so long,

she’d forgotten how to speak.

Where were you, may I ask?

Her Guardian Angel, when she needed you the most?

When she begged and she pleaded,

before the dam of hell and despair broke?

She tried, but she couldn’t do it on her own.

Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, and hers alone.

It was all just too much.

She couldn’t take it no more, she’d had more than enough.

She stopped desperately pleading and asking for help.

She swallowed her pride; she gave up.

Having run out of reasons to save herself.

Like a ship in rough waters,

Destined to sink;

fated to drown in depths, hundreds of feet deep.

Now the light in her eyes has forever ceased to shine.

And her life has become an insignificant collection of moments,

all frozen in infinite time.

Broken child, bleeding child.

Lying lifeless, there in the ground, six feet down.

For not one person cared nor dared enough to step in,

Raise a hand, interfere,  or even ask why.

No, they just stood idly by.

While her soul began to wither

And slowly die.

Unbeknownst, at the very same time,

the world grieved the loss

that her short life on this Earth brought

and humanity, it cried.

For this broken world in which we live,

filled to the brink with our sins and our lies.

 And we’re missing what’s right in front of our eyes–

all the warning signs.




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