Feelin’ A Little Bit Artsy…

Did a little (early) spring cleaning/organizing earlier and found a few finished projects from my 2-D class, or as my good friend Alan and I like to call it, “the class from Hell”. With the exception of Alan and our other chat buddies, these projects/activities were the only ones that were actually somewhat fun–and not boring as hell. Anywho–thought I’d share… 🙂



 My Stippling Project – Gibson Guitar

(*As neat as it looks when it’s done, I’m sooo not doing that again. Way too much ink!*)




My Ancestry Tree Project

(*Instead of relatives, we had to choose people who have inspired us one way or another in our lives; the theme was supposed to be symbolic of our childhood/life. I chose a Wizard Of Oz them because it was one of my favorite films as a kid. Came out pretty cool, I think. 🙂 *)









My Nature Flag Book

(*This was actually my final project for the class–Got the only A–yes!!–and my favorite of them all. I got to incorporate my photography into it and my love for nature–and I got to play with paint! My absolute favorite of the bunch and it came out amazing!*)




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