Sandcastles … A Poem.

Sandcastles… A POEM.


Holding hands

Running, jumping

“Tag!” — “You’re IT!”

Building castles in the sand,

While time was slipping right on through her hands.

And that girl she used to be–the optimist, the dreamer, the believer–

No, she never stood a chance.

Her, with those wide-open, curious hazel eyes.

She’s gone.

Her innocence, too ; swept away with childhood’s high tide.

Never to be seen again.

Never to be found.

Nothing to break up the silence.

Nothing to fill the sound.

Just this empty ness remains.

A void; a hole; this never-ending abyss deep down inside her soul.

She’s terrified of what her future holds.

But she hasn’t given up, just yet ; she hasn’t given in.

True, she has no desire left to fight,

And her will to live is shaky, at best.

Still, there’s a difference.

It’s slight—but there is.

She’s numb to the world,

She feels not a thing.

Such a sad, yet beautiful in it’s own right way to live.

Wouldn’t you agree?

No feelings to hurt, no one to offend.

No hearts to break or to have broken in return.

No mistakes or regrets;

No life lessons to be learned.

No scars to wear, however having been earned.

Like the ones on her body.

On her arms–the faint, fading marks;

or on her wrist, that jagged white, battle scar.

It haunts and it tempts her; its one and the same.

It beckons her back, it beckons her near.

It feeds on her FEAR.

So she tries to forget.

To go all the way back.

To that barefoot little girl

Running in the sand, laughing

Longing to be that innocent again.

Oh, there’s nothing that she wouldn’t give.

Yeah, she’d give anything.


For five minutes.

Just to be HER again.





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