Okay, so I’m not usually one for politics, but in light of recent political events—hell, this entire election year, I should say—I think I’m going to make an exception….so let my first (and hopefully last) political rant on here commence…

Soooo for those of you that aren’t yet aware, Donald Trump won the New Hampshire Primaries tonight for the Republican Party. Yep, Donald Trump—the Ass-hat leading candidate for President who thinks he’s going to “Make America great again” by

  • Overturning Obama Care— which don’t get me wrong, the program does have its flaws (what program doesn’t) but it’s also the reason why millions of Americans who were previously uninsured now have affordable health care coverage. People can bitch about its faults and loopholes, but they can’t just dismiss its successes, or the legitimate premise it was founded upon. It’s not a perfect system, not by a long shot, but it’s something. It’s a step towards something. I mean, it’d be great if the U.S. would follow in the footsteps of other countries that have taken the initiative with healthcare reform to the extent that healthcare is a free and available resource to all citizens no matter what the circumstances…but I don’t see that happening any time soon. And instead of Trump praising Obama for taking the initiative that he did, or promising to evolve on that initiative, he’d rather criticize and condemn Obama and the program AND essentially start writing checks on the taxpayers’ dime and putting the country into more debt before he’s even officially in office or hell—even the official leading contender for the political party. I mean, it’s easy for him to say. He’s got millions already. It’s not like he’s going to be the one scrambling around to find affordable health coverage for him and his family or having to work two jobs just to afford the insurance premiums and cut that’s taken out of his paycheck and what he brings home each week.


  • Declaring War On Islam – This declaration, to me, by Trump—is just plain dumb. Not to mention completely reckless. I mean, the guy clearly has no ounce of common sense in that tiny pea-sized little brain of his. It’s one thing to take a stance against violence and terrorism. ISIS—they’re scary. They have a far reach—probably further than we’ll ever know—and they need to be stopped. Hell, I’m an American. I remember 9/11. I know what this country has lost because of radical Islamists and terrorist cells like ISIS and Al Qaeda. I haven’t forgotten. But it’s just that. Radical Islamists. The few, not the entirety. Not all Muslims are terrorists. So this plan of Trump’s to essentially round up all the Muslims in the U.S., give them ID cards so we can keep track of them at all times, and to restrict all traffic/people coming in and out of Islamic countries…really? Pardon the language…but are you fucking kidding me, Trump? I mean, seriously? For starters…this is America. Whatever happened to the first amendment and the freedom of religion? The fact that a presidential candidate would even build his campaign around an idea that directly violates and snubs the Constitution of the United States of America is absolutely ludicrous—and that he’s being allowed to continue to run and seriously being considered—that’s just irreprehensible to me. It’s sickening that there are so many people that are actually supporting him, particularly on this part of his campaign. This whole ID-card thing—what is this, Hitler’s Germany and the Jews? It’s bullshit. These Muslims he wants to keep track of—many of them are actual U.S. citizens—doctors, teachers, soldiers—our neighbors and friends—no more a terrorist than you or I. Completely innocent. Yet to Trump, they might as well be criminals–their only crime being that they happen to be Muslim, of course. Sure, will cutting down access into the country stop some would-be terrorists from getting in? Maybe. Probably. But let’s not fool ourselves. They’re already here. Enough of them, anyhow. Terrorist and sleeper cells that we don’t even know about yet. Do people really think that ISIS and these radicals are just going to go away or lay dormant simply because Trump thinks they will or tells them to? What do they think ISIS and countries that already hate our country are going to think if the leader of it basically snubs his nose at them and tells them in the proverbial to “fuck off”? We have enough countries that hate us already. Why make more enemies for ourselves? If you ask me, Trump’s on an ego trip. He thinks that because he’s “Donald Trump” that he’s untouchable. And he’s got enough money to buy that security. But the rest of us—we don’t stand a chance. Mark my words—if Trump becomes President—we’re done for. I hate to say it—I really do—but if we thought 9/11 was bad—we’re going to be in for a comeuppance of catastrophic proportions. I just know it. It’s common sense. 


  • Ending The Drug Problem In The U.S. By TELLING Mexico To Build A Border Wall— I gotta say, this one is my personal favorite. 🙂 Trump thinking Mexico is going to just build some wall—and screw themselves out of all that business they’re making from the drugs they’re sending over—just because some dumb ass who has millions but can’t be bothered to do anything about that whacked out hair of his TELLS them to? Yeah. I’d LOOOOOVEEE to see that happen.

As you can probably surmise, I’m no fan of Donald Trump’s. Nope. He’s not a politician. If he wins this elections it’s because a.) Money will get you pretty far in this country—it might even buy you a presidency, and b.) Because there’s a hell of a lot more dumb ass sheep in this country than I thought. I wouldn’t trust that Ass-Hat to walk my dog…and he wants to be the President of the United States? “Make America great again”? Bullshit. He wants to run America into the ground. He gets elected and that’s exactly what’s going to happen.


My vote this election is with Hilary. And not just because she’s a woman. That’s part of it, sure. There’s no denying it’d be a coup for women’s rights if she gets elected. It’s more than that though. She’s got the experience…and it doesn’t hurt that she’s got a former-President for a spouse. People—MEN mostly—like to say that because she’s a woman she can’t handle the stress of running a country—and I call bullshit on that. Women are just as capable—if not more so—than men. And it’s about damn time BOTH genders get that through their heads and just shut the fuck up about it already. As for that whole Benghazi and the emails and whatever—yeah, she lied. Yep. If anything, that just cements her political character even more. Politicians are born liars. Why should she be any different? And as for that whole thing—I think people need to get over it. It’s over, it’s done. Move the fuck on, people. Focus on the fact that people are homeless and dying every day in our country. That our resources are drying up and we’re destroying the earth for future generations. That unarmed adults and children are being gunned down in cold blood by our nation’s finest because of the color of their skin. Focus on things that matter, not things that don’t. Of all the candidates, I think Hilary does that best. She’s focuses on the issues. Is she making promises that she might not be able to follow through on—sure. All the candidates are making those promises.

But when it comes down to it—when it’s a choice between an Ass-hat, egotistical, media-seeking clown like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders who pretty much has one foot in the grave already, and Hilary Clinton—I choose Hilary. Every time. Still, Heaven help us all come November because from the looks of it…this election could go either way.

Anyhow…rant over…




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