Small Town … a poem

Small Town… A Poem


She can hear them some nights

Whispered voices in her dreams

“Little Girl, you’ll never make it

The big city’s not for you,

This small-town is IT for you.

You’re being foolish, unrealistic

It’s time to grow up,

Time to face the facts

Get your head out of the clouds;

Come on now, come on down.

Child, haven’t you figured out by now —

There’s only one ticket out of this town

And it’s a 6 foot hole in the ground, an unmarked pine box

And a forever residence in that old cemetery by St. Mary’s,

That old Church where come every Sunday,

all the townsfolk gather ‘round.

Whispered voices, trying to convince her.

Oh, all the times and how absolutely they tried.

And how she’d cover her ears so mute their voices,

And ignore them every time.

She couldn’t just take them at their word,

She had to find out for her.

She knew somehow that there was more to life,

Beyond those empty, small-town streets.

Things that she just had to see.

It was her story to write.

Her words, on her own terms,

In her OWN way.

And she vowed she’d write it someday.

It took some doing, it took some time.

But someday finally came.

Though with it came a heavy price to pay.

In making her own way,

She had to sacrifice so much along the way.

Her family, her friends.

Her sense of self; her pride.

She learned how to lie;

How to keep the pain so carefully bottled up inside.

She became an expert at not letting them see her cry.

She realized the futility in asking why,

She learned how useless it was to even try.

When it was time for her to go,

She forwent the sentiments and the goodbyes.

She turned, walked away, and didn’t look back.

To the edge of town, ‘til her feet bled,

she walked and walked.

Then she fought, oh how she fought.

She scratched and she clawed.

She got out of that godforsaken town.

Now the joke is on them.

And the satisfaction is hers.

Just a small-town girl with her head-in-the-clouds,

Too afraid to come down.

That’s what they called her.

That’s what they said.

But they misjudged her all along.

She was stronger, more determined,

more capable than they thought.

They said she’d never make it.

So she made it her mission to prove them ALL wrong.

Now look at what she’s got.

A mansion in the hills.

A shiny Porsche in the drive.

Beautiful baby in her arms.

A loving man by her side.

Her name on a star,

Down on Hollywood Boulevard.

For a small-town girl,

Never expected to make it very far.

She’s made quite the life for herself.

Superstar status.

Yeah, she sure has it all.






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