#AllLivesMatter … a poem

This is a little poem that’s part of a photo/road-tripping/city-slicking project I’m putting together for this summer. It’s going to be ahhhmazing!!!


#AllLivesMatter … A Poem

I bleed RED.




I have a purpose on this Earth,

just like you.

I mean something to someone, too.

My life has worth, no more, no less than you.

So let’s put down the guns.

Stop the violence, stop the drugs.

No need to shoot, my hands are up.

Let’s talk this out with words.

Let go of all the hate, intimidation,

and the hundred-year-old fear.

Look in my eyes and there you’ll see the truth.

That the color of my skin does not define me.

That I’m not a threat to you.

You’ll see it doesn’t have to be this way.

That we CAN break this cycle;

go our separate ways.

Live in harmony, live in peace.

This is it.

The make-or-break moment.

After which, we’ll never be the same.

The tie that will forever bind us.

You and I—so different on the outside.

But inside, we’re very much the same.

We break, we bruise, we live, and we die;

It’s a struggle most days just to survive.

We think in terms of what should have-would have-could have beens.

So if we could just put race and the color of our skin aside,

We’d be fine, you and I.

‘Cause we’ve seen how this plays out.

And no one wins in the end.

When everyone bleeds RED.

 – JLR 3.19.2016-


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