A Migraine By Any Other Name…

Ugh. I could just scream right now. I am so unbelievably fed up with these headaches and these doctors and all these damn appointments. I had my appointment with the new neurologist today. As you can probably already guess, it didn’t go so well. He flat-out told me that the fact that the headaches haven’t gone away by now most likely means that they aren’t going to. Isn’t that just wonderful news? Yeah, no. So apparently all these doctors, including the previous neurologist and my own primary care doctor, have been spoon-feeding me a bunch of bullshit and lies all these months–telling me they’ll eventually go away and to just give it time and that no way will they still be an issue after a year or so. And as for the meds I’ve been taking–that my PC doc and the other neurologist prescribed–according to this new neurologist they should have weaned me off them months ago for the fact that 1.) they aren’t doing anything to decrease the intensity or frequency of the headaches–they’re pretty much the same  AND 2.) the medication has some pretty serious side effects–like the damage its done to my kidneys that’s already landed me in the OR once and the cognitive effects I’ve been experiencing like the fuzziness and blackouts and all that. So yeah, they definitely screwed up somewhere. This new guy seems to think that the headaches I’m having are migraines that were caused from the trauma. Technically, they fit the description. The whole light sensitivity, noise, throwing up, dizziness—yeah, all that fun stuff. The thing is, we’ve tried half a dozen different migraine meds and there was no response with any of them. We tried those even before the last batch that I’ve been taking up until now. If they were migraines, there’d be some response–even if it’s little or minor–there’d be something…but there’s nothing. So it follows the classification–but they aren’t necessarily migraines. But he’s decided to try me on a bunch of new ones anyhow. I’ve got to get another MRI and one of the meds is a self-injection that’s supposed to be injected in the midst of a headache–I hate needles…so this is gonna suck. Down the line I think he said he might want to try those BOTOX injections and some other procedures they do for migraines, who knows. Honestly, I don’t know if that’s what they are or if he’s wrong and the other doctors are right. Or if it’s my eyes. I don’t know what the hell anything is anymore. But I’m so beyond caring at this point. I’m sick of it. It’ll be a year next month and no one has any definitive answers for me…no real solution to the problem. No one can do anything about these headaches. Looks like I’m stuck with them and the pain for the forseeable future. Lucky me.  This sucks.



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