Run, Girl, Run… a poem.

Run, Girl, Run… a poem

You asked me tonight

Got down on your knees

Romance in the air,

Flowers everywhere.

Music and moonlight, the perfect scene;

And the prettiest diamond ring I’d ever seen.

And in your eyes I saw a future; a vision of what could be.

Of white picket fences and backyard swings

A happy home and a couple of kids.

An endless love that would see us through everything.

And anything that life might bring.


Babe, you looked so sweet,

kneeling down there at my feet.

Stealing my breath,

making my heart skip a beat.

And I wanted so badly to accept that ring.

To believe that we could have those things.

To believe that we could live happily-ever-after,

YOU and ME.


But I’m not the girl that stays.

I never have been; I never will be.

I’m the girl that leaves, you see.

Time and time again.


I put up walls around my heart.

Too high to break down.

I barricade the pain inside, too afraid to let it out.

To let anyone fully in, to really be myself.

Unable to trust, I’m filled with so much doubt.

And you can try but you can’t save me,

It’s best if you just save yourself.

Trust me.

Because I’ve tried just as hard,

and I can’t fix it like I thought.

God knows if I could,

For you I would.

Babe, I’d move Heaven and Earth.

But there’s only so much you can take.

Only so long you can tread for when you’re swimming in heartbreak.

Only so long that you can pretend and fake.

When right feels wrong, and wrong feels right.

When darkness creeps in and steals your soul–a clever thief in the night.

Taking all that’s good.

Taking all your light.

Without a word, ‘til you lose your fight.


You asked me tonight.

Got down on your knees

You waited for an answer.

Pleaded with me to say something.


To the moon and back, that’s what you said.

That you love me and I love you.

And I do—it’s true.

If only that were enough for you.

For that it’s not, I don’t blame you.

You deserve a girl that can stay.

Not one that’s made a career out of running away.


You asked me tonight.

Got down on your knees.

The perfect proposal.

Yes was on my lips, but I said no.

Such a cliché, I know.

The “it’s me not you” excuse.

But in this case, that old adage rings true.

And it’s just too much,

It’s everything, all at once.

And I can’t change who I am.

Or be the girl you need for me to be.

What you see is what you get,

this is me.

A free bird, through and through.

Afraid of being caged in;

of being told what to do, how to feel,

and how to live.

So this is it, here is where we must part.

Any further and we’ll just wreck one another.

Piece by piece, bit by bit,

‘til we’re just ghosts of two people that used to love each other.

Consumed by our regrets and sporting broken hearts,

Walking around with vital pieces missing of ourselves.


A girl like me—Babe, you just can’t trust the leaving kind.

Yeah, I’ll leave you in the dust,

I’ll leave you behind.

Always ready to take flight and fly,

just a little bit broken inside.

I rise with the morning sun.

I’m the girl on the run.

I’m the One…the One saying goodbye.

Every time.



JLR 5.26.2016


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