The Inevitable…a poem.

The Inevitable … A Poem 

Rainy nights  senseless fights.

Decisions made in fear and haste,

Regret; no, it never really goes away.

Forget the hurt, embrace the numbness for a minute.

Let yourself disappear into it.

What right did we have making love like it was alright?

Spending these sleepless nights

Under a blanketed sky of a billion stars

Out there in the moonlight.

From dusk ‘til the break of dawn,

‘Til the fog had cleared and gone.

Why, when we both knew that it was wrong?

When we knew it all along,

and let it go that far, for that long.

Now we’re left to walk around with these broken hearts of ours.

And we’ve lost sight of all our goals and dreams.

Of who we really are.

Of the people we once strove to be.

This time, I fear our choices might have gone too far.

For this war we’ve waged, YOU and I,

Was over long before it started;

lost before we gave it our best try.

So many lives we destroyed,

and not just yours and mine.

All the collateral damage we struggled in vain to contain;

and all that pain.

And what exactly from it did we gain?

Two worlds torn apart; havoc wreaked from the inside out.

Despair and destruction from which we could not hide.

‘Tis a heavy price we paid for a LOVE that was built on lies.

Left were we with fragments of memories of rainy nights and senseless fights.

Regrets we’ll carry the rest of our lives.

Is it enough to know in the end how hard we tried,

to undo our mistakes and do what we thought would make things right.

To fix the brokenness inside ourselves our little affair had wrought?

But we were only human; we were weak.

We searched, but we couldn’t find the peace we sought.

All those nights.

How we took comfort in each other,

lied down with one another,

tangled limbs, skin to skin,

and committed the ultimate sin.

Time after time, over and over,

again and again.

But You and I,

We’re not the victims in this story,

we both must split the blame.

And so if by chance that you’ve forgotten,

let me remind you once again.

Hearts are fragile things.

They only stretch so far before they’re bound to break.

And all this back-and-forth you like to play,

they count–each and every move you make.

This is Real Life, not a game.

So maneuver all you want, deny and deflect,  

try to pass the blame.

‘Cause you might think you’ve found a way, but trust me when I say,

there’s nothing you can do, and nothing you can say.

You haven’t won a thing,

and you don’t get to simply walk away.

Just as I, we both have to stay.

There is no escape, no other way.

Because I know how this plays out,

I’ve seen what lies ahead.

I’ve played it in my head, over and over again.

It’s inevitable. 

No one wins in this.

We BOTH lose in the end.

-JLR 5.31.2016- 



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