Somehow, Someday… a poem

Somehow, Someday… a poem

Raindrops falling on the windowpane.

Steady; like nature’s own heartbeat.

So soothing is the sound in the light of day.

And I tell myself that it will be okay.

That I’ll forget you and the hurt will fade,

Somehow. Someday.

But that day is NOT today.

Today I’ll just let the tears fall where they may.

Watch them shatter as they hit the ground.

Take a seat and watch my world spin out and ‘round.

Perched so high in the sky, I’ll climb until I’m numb.

To where the air is thick and I’m delirious,

enough so to think I’ve actually won.

Until the dark seeps through and it takes away the sun.

One of the hardest lessons in life you’ll ever have to learn:

You’ll never know real pain until you’ve truly loved someone.

-JLR 6.5.2016-




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